Airbnb Calculator

This Airbnb Calculator from AirDNA will give you expected gross earnings from any property, all you need to do is input the address. It will also provide an estimate of operating expenses and net income, as well as Cap Rate if you know the property purchase price. If you want more detailed information about the investing financials, you’ll need to buy a subscription. We are subscribers to the service and we recommend it for any serious Airbnb business owner or host.

While this calculator a good start for Airbnb investing, it’s not the whole due diligence deal. The operating expenses are low based on our real experience running Airbnbs for example. If you want to know what analysis we do before investing in Airbnb, stay tuned for our upcoming ebook series!

Airbnb detailed analytics for hosts and managers

AirDNA arms you with the data and analytics you need before you invest in property and run it as an Airbnb. Not all locations or homes are equal when it comes to rental income. Do your research before you invest – occupancy rates, nightly pricing, actual competitor pricing and earnings. Best thing about it is the low monthly subscription fees no ongoing contracts.

If you’re keen on making Airbnb profit with no property like we did, this resource is critical in helping you target your locales and potential property investor partners.

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