Best cryptocurrency, DeFi & NFT resources

All of the best cryptocurrency information to invest in crypto, DeFi and NFTs.

Crypto resources

Free investor start-up guide

Our free 2-page PDF guide designed to get you owning your own crypto assets in 6 simple steps.

  • Clickable links to all you need on the internet.
  • How to buy, move and keep your crypto secure.
  • Key concepts explained.

Best of all, it’s free!

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges

Binance – (ex-USA) best all round exchange for trading, staking, and earning interest. Great for Aussie investors. Join with out link to get 5% discount on trading fees!

Coinspot – best Australian exchange for crypto beginners.

Kucoin – (US crypto investors) best exchange to find small cap coins before they’re listed on Binance

Coinbase – (US crypto investors) largest US-based exchange.

Crypto trading and charting platform

Tradingview – we use Tradingview Pro for all of our trading analysis. Create charts for thousands of coins across tonnes of crypto exchanges. You can also chart critical crypto indices like BTC.D, DEFIPERP, TOTAL2 and others. They offer a free monthly trial so give them a go! Sign up with a paid plan with our link and get $30 towards the cost of your subscription

Crypto market info

Coin Market Cap – great to find market tickers, current coin and token prices and legit smart contract links.

Coingecko – coin prices, market caps, volume and other data.

Cryptocurrency dApps for investors

Celsius – best mobile app to earn interest on Stablecoins. 8.8% on USDT and USDC. Join with out link to get $40 in free Bitcoin.

MetaMask – you’ll need MetaMask wallet to interact with platforms, protocols and dApps.

Hardware wallet to secure your crypto

We own and use these wallets to secure our crypto assets from hack and theft. You should too.

Ledger Nano S – best hardware wallet for Bitcoin or large caps. Best value for money.

Ledger Nano X – best multicoin wallet with bluetooth connectivity.

Trezor – best for DeFi integrations with added features (2FA etc)

Metal storage wallet to secure your seed phrase

If you loose your seed phrase, your coins are gone. Unrecoverable. It pays to keep the seed phrase to your hardware wallet somewhere it is protected from fire, flood, destruction and prying eyes. Find our more about why your seed phrase is key to crypto security.

Billfodl – record the seed phrase to your Ledger wallet here. BillFodl is indestructible, easy to set and up and comes with great security features.

Crypto portfolio tracking & tax software

Koinlywe use Koinly to track our cryptocurrency portfolio across multiple exchanges, DeFi protocols, apps and wallets. Hundreds of API connections bring your portfolio data seamlessly into one place. Koinly also has tax reporting software to do your tax without the headaches of needing to know tax law.

NFT resources

NFT marketplaces

Opensea – the largest market for Ethereum based NFTs.

Looks.Rare – NFT marketplace with its own token economy. Get rewarded for buying and selling NFTs in $LOOKS token which you can then trade in for ETH or other coins.

Rarible – a multichain NFT marketplace that currently supports NFTs on the Ethereum, Flow and Tezos blockchains.

NFT trading tools – find the rarity and ranking of NFTs and of NFT collections. They also have a great calendar for upcoming releases and mints.

Rarity Sniper – less accurate than but another great resource to understand the rank and therefore value of NFTs and NFT collections. – a subscription service that claims they provide access to NFT rankings before these even hit the market. The idea is if you know rarity before the market, then just after mint you can sweep the floor (pick up for cheap) of certain NFT collections or snag valuable NFTs for cheap on the secondary market. We don’t use NFTranking but may try it in the future.

Unstoppable Domains – content creators can get paid in crypto direct to your decentralised NFT domain with Unstoppable Domains. Build decentralised blockchain websites integrated with your crypto wallet and take full control. No annual renewal fees. No need for PayPal, Stripe or other APIs. Get $10 credit with our link!

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