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Be unapologetic about wanting your freedom. Be a mogul. Build wealth. Keep it. Learn to live off it. Property, stocks, the internet, crypto – the rules of money have changed and it’s time to play the money game like a badass.

What is ‘Ms Mogul’ about?

Financial freedom

The Ms Mogul blog is about how to build wealth and get to financial independence. For us, that’s the financial freedom of having enough money to live life without having to work a day job. The opposite of living pay check to pay check.

What if i said that everything you’d learned about how you ‘have to’ live your life was a scam?

Get good grades and a good job. Work 40 hours a week for 40 years. Save up and buy a home. Pay double the sticker price in bank interest over a 30 year mortgage. Retire worn out at 65. Maybe with superannnuation or a 401k but not if you had to dip into it to survive Covid. Too old to enjoy what you’ve worked your life for…

That’s not us. Is it you?

Well, here’s a little secret between you and I. It’s not the way life has to be! And none of that will leave you financially free in time to enjoy it. Bummer I know.

Financial freedom is the antithesis of all that.

The Ms Mogul blog is about helping you get to financial freedom before it’s too late to enjoy it. We talk about how to save, grow your assets, how to use good and bad debt strategies, how to build wealth and keep it. How to live off it. We’ll rip back the covers on the compounding magic of time, and why it matters to your net worth (and why net worth even matters). We’ll share what we have done to build wealth and how it helped (or not).

If 40 years in the rat race is for you, skip this blog

Ms Mogul is about making decisions every day to get you out of the rat race and closer to financial freedom. If you love your job then we say great, that’s awesome. But do you have the CHOICE to work or not? Could you quit or take a few years off if you wanted to?

If you want the choice about how you spend your day – then this blog is for you.

If you just want for the simple life with less stress you can find that here too.

Mogul-ing is simply taking control of your finances, making some plans about money, taking some managed risks, and doing what you planned. That’s it. We’re not talking becoming a Carnegie or a Rockefeller here. We are just talking about setting an intent and finding fun ways to live by it (no its not about eating 2 minute noodles and never going out again that would be a boring blog).

Why care about financial freedom?

Let’s face it, Covid really shook things up for a lot of people overnight. Lock downs ensued, livelihoods disappeared and financial security was put at risk. The fear was immediate and grew over time into confusion and anger.

Global systems buckled under the disruption in a way that may change things for ever. Government’s started printing money on a scale never before seen in history to keep economies afloat during lockdowns.

These actions have caused seismic changes to finance and work as we once knew it and the ripple effects on incomes, livelihoods and community will reverberate for years.

We care about mogul-ing because we love freedom and choice and a having a safety net in place. We love being our own boss (or just being the boss full stop). We love, love, love life with less stress.

Financial independence gives you just that. You can choose to work or not to. Choose what time you get up, how you spend your day, who you spend it with. Your time is yours. You don’t have to fight with your significant other about bills, or worry in some new crisis about having a roof over your head.

The pandemic and the ‘new money game’

The rules of money have changed. These changes have been gently working their way through the money system since the GFC. With government money printing at its highest rate in history we’re facing low interest rates, fiat currency debasement and the spectre of high inflation. The impacts of these are creeping insidiously into the economy and our hip pockets, and should not be underestimated.

At the same, technology like the internet, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are creating amazing new asymmetrical investment opportunities. Exponential technology developments are beginning to converge and develop at the fastest pace in human history. And that adds up to deflationary impacts on the economy as tech learning curves drive prices down.

We’re firm believers that the pace and scale of technology change over the coming decade will be monumental. It will redistribute wealth around the globe. We figure that we want to be on the right side of the new money ledger.

Do you?

‘With global uncertainty, rapid tech innovation and diabolical monetary policy, there’s never been a more important time or a better opportunity for your financial independence.’

the LLP

So… what do financial freedom seekers do to stay ahead?

How do you build wealth that you can live off for a long time in this changing macroeconomic context?

What types of financial independence strategies are out there. How do they work? How do you tie these different approaches into a plan that actually gets you to financial freedom?

What are the new digital asset strategies that you can use to win the new money game?

All great questions that we are here to help you answer with the Ms Mogul blog!

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