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Financial freedom starts with knowledge peeps! So…. how’s your financial literacy?

The LLP financial freedom blog is all about growing financial literacy to help you make money, build wealth and get to financial freedom. You can swat up right here starting now with our personally curated library of financial freedom resources.

This list is the best free gift you’ll get today and worth it just for the time it saves you!

What resources can you find here?

  1. Webinars and courses that gave us financial independence
  2. Financial calculators for non nerds
  3. Freelance your way to freedom
  4. Make money online
  5. Rental property investing books
  6. Financial freedom books

And don’t forgot to check out or other resources on:

  1. Airbnb Profit – how to become an Airbnb SuperHost and make serious money on Airbnb with and WITHOUT owning property
  2. Investing in cryptocurrency – exchanges, DeFI platforms, exchange aggregators, and crypto literacy.

What can you do with these financial freedom resources?

The first thing you can do is learn! Invest in yourself by improving your financial knowledge.

Then you can start deploying the tools and applying the learnings and strategies on The LLP to your own life.

  1. Start saving and making more money with a side hustle.
  2. Learn how to invest in assets that pay you an income stream.
  3. Build that income stream until its enough to cover your expenses!

Voila! It’s not easy, but its definitely doable…!

Now, on to some of the best wealth building, money making and investing resources roaming the wild …

Webinars and courses that gave us financial freedom

We built our financial literacy by learning directly from wealthy people that have come before us. Most of this was online – through webinars, seminars, and online training courses. Some paid, some unpaid, but all valuable knowledge for our investing, money making, tax saving endeavours.

So get out your notebooks and warm up that button clicking finger……here is our curated ‘best of the best’ online financial literacy list:

#1 – Rich Dad education – learn how to think differently about money and get wealthy. This is the content that started it all for us, helped us 10x our net worth and is a firm #1 on our financial education list.

#2 – Bnb formula – learn how to make Airbnb profit with none of your own property. We partnered with other property investors and made $10,000 monthly profit with this strategy within 6 months.

Financial calculators for non-nerds

Financial independence calculator

Financial independence involves planning peeps! Working out your finances and setting some goals for income, expenses and savings. These all impact how soon you can escape the rat race and live the way you want.

This early retirement calculator is a great place to start your foray into independent financial planning – or taking control of your own money. Check out our post on how and where to start with financial independence and then jump over to this calculator and start to pull together some moguling plans!

Cudos to networthify for this great resource!

Freelance your way to freedom

For the best work from home opportunities to make money anywhere on Earth when you want and how you want, we like Fiverr.

Make money online

Canva is where we do all of our online graphic designs. We don’t have graphic design experience and that’s the beauty of Canva. Anyone can use it. It’s simply the best and easiest tool out there when it comes to making your social media or web content really shine. You can make money from Canva with these ideas:

  1. selling your design services on Fiverr, using Canva to make designs
  2. making and selling digital templates
  3. Social media manager freelance jobs
  4. and heaps, heaps more!

Rental property investing books

7 steps to wealth

by John L. Fitzgerald

There are tonnes of property investment strategies that you can use on your financial freedom path. This book focuses on tax effective property strategies that also help with cashflowing your investment. A strong focus on buying new builds and using depreciation as a cashflow strategy. Some good tips that we have used to also help with cashflowing established investment properties .

The book on rental property investing

by Brandon Turner

There are a lot of real estate investing strategies out there that you can use to build wealth and win your financial freedom. This book sets out a ‘buy and hold’ real estate investing strategy to build passive income with property. It covers everything from how to find deals, finance your investment and defer taxes to keep more of your money. Well worth it if you’re just starting out on your real estate investing journey and you’ll still get some good tips out of it if you’re a seasoned property investor.

Written for an American audience but a lot of the concepts and tips translate across national boundaries.

The best financial freedom books to get you started today

Our personally curated list of the best financial freedom books that will help you think outside the system, take control of your finances, set good money habits and start building your financial freedom plan.

Rich dad poor dad

by Robert Kiyosaki

Everything you thought you knew about the game of money turned on its it head. This classic financial independence book changed the way we earned our income and started our financial freedom journey.

Cashflow Quadrant

by Robert Kiyosaki

How you earn your money drastically impacts how much of it you get to keep. In Cashflow Quadrant Kiyosaki explains the income rules of the global money system, and how different types of income affect your overall wealth. The penny dropped for us with cashflow quadrant and we completely changed our approach to making money afterwards. For the better!

The 4-hour work week

by Tim Ferriss

This right here is passive income folklore. It opened up our minds to new ways of earning income. Ways we just aren’t taught at school. Passive income systems and leverage.Tim Ferriss helps you understand what it takes to leave the rat race. His is not the only way, but you’ll see opportunities in his story that you never knew existed!

Millionaire success habits

by Dean Graziosi

Success is habitual.Good decisions come from good habits. Consistency pays off. This book links your success in the game of money to everyday habits, helping you break down that proverbial financial independence elephant in bite size bits. Day by day your will habits matter on your financial freedom journey.

The common path to uncommon success

by John Lee Dumas

Excellent content on how to become a successful entrepreneur from Dumas’ own experience and based on his interviews of over 3,000 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Dumas explains not just what you need to do to be successful, but how you go about doing it. Practical, where a lot of other finance or investing books lack practicality.

Meet the Frugalwoods

by Elizabeth Willard Thames

A book about one family’s experience saving their way to freedom by rethinking their spending. This is an eye opening read about being a way more conscious consumer. It makes you think about whether you actually need all of the items you spend your money on – whether each of these is more important to you than your time and your life.

After reading this book I now ask myself two questions anytime I am about to buy something – How many hours of work will this cost me? Can I do it or build it myself?

In short, this book challenged me to spend way less money on things I never needed in the first place and now I’ve ditched the office 9 to 5. Enough said!

The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

This book reveals a different perspective on the wealth of America – they’re not who you think. They’re normal people with different habits focussed around building wealth. The take away – nearly anyone with the right wealth building habits and the tips from this book – can amass enough wealth to become financially free. The best thing about this book? You get to see yourself as that millionaire and realise how ‘normal people’ can play the game of money, and win.

The Simple Path to Wealth

by JL Collins

The Simple Path to Wealth was born from a series of letters JL Colins wrote to his daughter – about money. The book really simplifies the sometimes over complicated topic of money management, cutting out all the BS. Instead it hones in on the things you really need to stay focussed on for financial independence, like:

  • The importance of having F-you Money.
  • How to think about money, and how this unique understanding is key to building wealth.
  • Where traditional investing advice goes wrong and what actually works.
  • The Wealth Building and Wealth Preservation phases of your investing life and why they are not always tied to your age.
  • How your asset allocation is tied to those phases and how to choose it.

Read it. You won’t regret it.

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