6 new and legitimate ways to make money online with PayPal for doing nothing

Psst…. Want to know how to make $187 free PayPal cash in the next month sitting on your couch doing nothing? If you’ve Googled ‘make money online PayPal’ and found this post, then get ready for some legit passive and free money to come your way.

We at the LLP love free money, especially if its passive income. And the thing about multiple little streams of passive income is that it all adds up to your financial freedom. So we’ve gone hunting the internet for the best ways to make real money online doing absolutely nothing. You just have to sign up to a few apps and download a browser or two. Real legit cash for barely lifting a finger peeps. Not kidding.

Legitimate and free ways to make money online PayPal

We’ve run dozens of ‘rewards” apps through their paces and have come out the other end with 6 legit opportunities that are definitely worth a few clicks of your mouse.

Our research sifted painfully through loads of dodgy casino and gambling apps and apps that pay peanuts for hours of your time – that’s not passive income!

We’ve weeded out the ‘best of the best’ passive earning opportunities that actually pay you a steady amount sweet, sweet cash.

Summing up, these are the apps that DON’T require you to spend extra money to get rewarded. You just have to do what you’re already doing. So you’re definitely net better off at the end of the month getting onto this little gravy train side hustle.

It’s free money because you’re earning it just by doing what you do in real life each day. The money is passive because you’re not required to trade your time for the money you earn. It’s also interesting, because it sheds light on the value you bring to companies around the world as an internet consumer. No harm monetising that now, is there?

What do you need to do to make $187 in the next month, online?

The beauty of our research is that we’ve targeted apps that only require things you will likely already have or reward activities you’ll already be doing. We don’t want to you spend extra money on stuff you don’t already buy or need. Here’s all you need to get $187 bucks for free:

  • an internet connection,
  • the ability to do your normal weekly shop online (lets face it, since 2020 we’re all online shopping converts)
  • a few healthy habits each day, and
  • at least one friend or family member.

If you’re fortunate enough to be a US resident, then booyah – all of these offers are available to you. Get ready to get paid my US financial freedom seeker friends.

Not in the US? It’s still worthwhile checking out which ones you can get access to.

Our favourite passive income earner

Honeygain is our favourite of these online money making apps because we know how much we pay for internet services (eye roll). We love the share economy and it’s genuinely awesome to get a little coin back for our unused bandwith each month.

If we’ve made you moolah with this great content piece about how to get some free money please share the love and sign up to Honeygain with our link right here.

Here’s our top 5 new and legit ways to make money online straight to your PayPal account:

  1. Share your internet bandwidth with Honeygain
  2. Get cashback for your weekly shop on Rakuten
  3. Buy online to earn free Dosh
  4. Shop, play and watch for cash with Inbox Dollars
  5. Free moolah for your healthy habits on Achievement app
  6. Get paid for data you give away with SavvyConnect

The great thing is, earnings from these 6 passive income ‘no brainers’ are validated by thousands of Trustpilot reviews. If you don’t believe us, you can just look it up.

How much can you earn in your first month?

To calculate what you can earn in your first month, we’ve made some realistic assumptions about your everyday habits.

All you need to do is:

  1. sign up to each service,
  2. refer one person (your other half or one friend),
  3. buy more than $400 worth of goods online in a month (covering a lot of items and brands, from everyday groceries to one-off buys) and
  4. take one survey a week (which most of us do anyway without getting paid for it).

Here’s our analysis of what you get.

AppSign up bonusRewardsSurveysReferrals (1 person)Totals
Honeygain$5$37NILFixed $5 + Recurring 10% = $8.7$50.70
Inbox dollars$5$0$10$4$19
Honeygain rewards based on 5 devices, 10GB daily, Content delivery for 12 hours a day; Rakuten rewards on a $300 shop per month, Dosh rewards on a $100 shop per month

The passive income, free money winners

1. Share your internet with Honeygain

Honeygain pays your to share your excess internet bandwidth in the background. The app uses your network not the storage device but it’s still probably only useful for folks on unlimited home internet plans. If that’s you, read on.

There is a great calculator on the Honeygain website that shows what you could earn with both the Default Network Sharing service and the Content Delivery service. The Default Network Sharing pays your per kilowatt of excess shared capacity. The Content Delivery service pays you for the number of hours your device is connected to the internet with Honeygain active. Both run together to compound your earnings.

HoneyGain is programmed to never use more than 10% of your bandwidth at any given time so theoretically shouldn’t slow anything down while you are surfing the net.

It’s only available on desktop devices for Mac users but there is an Android app for mobile.

You receive 6 credits for each hour your device is connected to the Honeygain servers. You earn more with more devices connected to different ISP addresses. Your payouts are either USD in PayPal or Bitcoin.

We received a $5 sign up bonus when we joined Honeygain. In addition, Honeygain offers a further $5 for each referral plus a recurring payment equal to 10% of that person’s Honeygain earnings. So share the love if you dig this article and use our link to get your moolah!

Honeygain pays you for your extra bandwidth

2. Get cashback for your weekly shop on Rakuten

Rakuten is possibly the greatest shopping rewards program online. It’s the best one we found anyway. Rakuten has partnered with some of the biggest brands on the planet like Nike, Macy’s Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, and Priceline. They offer cashback rewards for shopping that you would do anyway, through their app. Rewards can range from as little as 1% all the way up to 10% depending on the brand offer.

Impressively, Rakuten has recently introduced a browser extension on Chrome which makes using them super easy. You just shop online as you usually do through the Chrome browser and up pops the cash back percentage for every participating retailer as you Google stuff. The browser automatically applies coupon codes as you shop, so there is no need to manually enter anything at checkout.

It’s a super smooth rewards experience that pays actual dollars back to you for things you would buy anyway.

Rakuten pays a $10 welcome bonus for your first $25 spend. They also have the most generous referral program on our list – you get a crazy $30 per person referral and your friend gets $30 too.

3. Buy online to get free Dosh

Dosh is another shopping app that we thing is worth your while. They have a great $5 bonus when you sign up and offer up to 10% cashback on purchases for shopping, dining and travel. Dosh has partnered with the likes of Starbucks, H& M, Macy’s and Walgreens. There’s every chance you can use to to buy things you normally would anyway. The rewards are only for shopping with a credit or debit card and you need to link these to the app.

You also get a totally dope $10 each time someone you refer links their credit or debit card to Dosh. You can cash out rewards when you reach $25 and get that cash straight to your PayPal account. If you’re account is inactive for 12 months you’ll a $5 fee.

4. Shop, play and watch for cash with Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars rewards you for access to your online behaviour and by shopping with certain brands. They are partnered with big names like Netflix, Walmart and Target so it’s generally pretty easy to find ways to earn in the app. Inbox Dollars claims to have paid out $80 million in rewards paid out since 2000.

The app pays you to do certain ‘tasks’. There are 13 ways to earn rewards from shopping and reading emails, to playing games and watching videos. You get coupon cash rewards for groceries as well as cashback offers on top for every coupon redeemed. That’s a double money whammy.

Tasks generally pay $2 or less on average and surveys typically pay from 50 cents to $5.. You also get a $5 sign up bonus and 30% of equivalent earnings for anyone that signs up with the through your referral link as a recurring bonus.

Once again, to the dismay of our global readers, Inbox Dollars is limited to the US.

You can redeem your points for cash once you reach $30 via PayPal.

5. Get paid for data you give away free with SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect pays guaranteed monthly incentives up to $15 ($5 per device) for US residents They collect your internet usage data for behavioural research.

The payout criterion of one member per device means you need three people in the household to be active and connected to the app. You also need to meet the 7 days device usage per month per device minimum, something we expect is easy for most households. But if you can meet these criteria then that’s literally all you have to do to get $15 per month.

You can also boost earnings with referrals and request payment once you’ve reached $1 in referrals although unlike the others on this list, while PayPal appears to be coming currently payments are by check through the mail.

6. Free moolah for your heath habits on Achievement

Achievement app is compatible with both iOS and Android (US residents only) and pays you to understand your health habits like walking, running cycling, logging food, weighing yourself, meditating, and sleep tracking.

All you have to do is connect up other popular mostly health related apps to Achievement and you can earn points. Achievement collects data from these other apps so once you have linked everything you just go about your normal health regime. Or you can use the app as a motivator to be more active.

Points are slow to accumulate and this is the lowest earning app on our list, but it’s also the healthiest so we thought we’d include it. It’s a little bit of passive income that you earn for staying fit and healthy. Walking 20,000 steps a day earns you about $20 a year on the app, but it’s not the only point earning activity. If you’re really into fitness, health and meditation we think the app is worth it.

You can redeem your points for cash when you hit 10,000 points, which is worth $10USD. Money is paid to your PayPal account within 7 Days of redemption.

The real money with Achievement is made participating in ‘Achievement studies’ where you data contributes to ongoing research about specific issues. These Advanced Health surveys can pay between $60 and $200 per survey in addition to daily points.

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