The best money making apps – your money just got mobile

Money making apps are new in the world of financial freedom. But these personal finance apps have proliferated since 2020 lockdowns. We’re not talking bank apps. We’re talking Fintechs – the new breed of ‘all in one’ personal finance providers.

The question is, should these apps now be front and central to your financial freedom plans? Are they safe, and do they do what they say?

Many of these apps are from Fintech companies set out to beat the banks at their own game. Think about what you dislike the most about your bank and there’s probably an app that solves your problem.

We’re going to help you to navigate which of these new financial products to use to manage your money, save more, track a budget and build your credit score. We’ll let you know which apps combine the best of banking and investing to save you time and make you money.

So buckle up financial freedom seekers, and let’s learn how to build wealth anywhere, anytime, straight from your mobile!

Apps to save, budget, borrow and invest

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