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What is Farm Fresh sustainable living about?

If you want to win back your life, I challenge you today to really think about this question:

How can you live with more meaning and have more fun at less cost?

The answer is exactly what we cover in the Farm Fresh blog.

We blog about:

  1. what its like to live with financial freedom
  2. how to reduce expenses to win back your time (financial sustainability)
  3. ways to self sustain, especially when global systems fail (like food supply chains!)
  4. ways to reduce your impact on the earth, so it’s still a great place to hand over to our kids or our friends kids.

For us, sustainable living in the midst of a global pandemic is a lot about self sufficiency; being better able to self-sustain when the supply systems we (ex urban dwellers) all blindly rely on aren’t there to sustain you. And that dear reader sounds mighty attractive when things around you are crumbling like the hope of buying toilet rolls on day one of a snap lock down. Anyone say Covid?

If you want to check out how we’re trying to live more sustainability at our home ‘Platypus Cottage’ in North West Tasmania, here’s our Insta account:

Why do we care about sustainable living?

If there’s one thing Covid exposed it was the frailty of global systems; food supply, medicines, employment, money, good governance.  Having observed with shock the goings on, we’re firm believers that no-one has you best interests at heart like you do. Think about it! Your safety net in uncertain times is up to you and there’s no better time to take action than now.

We’re not preppers by any means, but I’m personally the type of person that always has a hedge against possible futures. Particularly in chaotic and uncertain times. So check out our blog, where you can see what we are doing to cut expenses, reduce our mainstream reliance, and become more self-sustaining as part of our ‘Plan B’ strategy.

Sustainable living is best mates with financial independence

For us, sustainability is best mates with financial independence because sustainable living is about finding ways to cut expenses and save on bills. Cutting food, energy and water costs by producing your own so that those fat stacks you make last longer and you win more of your time back. Sounds like win win right?

It’s also much healthier for mind and body to have your fingers in the dirt sometimes. Farm fresh is where lost skills, old ways and artisan techniques come alive again. Think homesteading, growing and preserving your own food, up-cycling, re-purposing, frugal innovation, off-grid power and water… We’ll also review the best eco friendly and sustainable products and services to save you time and money in research and set up.

Who doesn’t want that giant self-satisfaction that comes from actually doing something yourself instead of paying to have it done – growing and making your own food, producing your own energy, running your own water system, making what you need, getting outdoors and active, and learning new skills you never thought you’d never have?

If you’re searching for meaning in a hum-drum day-to-day, after a soul-killing commute to your banal office desk just to pay your mounting stack of bills – there are options. Read on freedom seekers…

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