What is the best NFT token for long term growth?

best NFT token

The holy grail of crypto investing is trying to work out which are the ‘shitcoins’ (coins that have no value or purpose) and which coins and tokens will be around and grow in value for years to come. The latter are digital assets we prefer to invest in. So in this post, we look at three NFT tokens for potential long term growth.

Warning: You’re going to have to open your mind as you read through this post if you are new to digital assets. Especially if you’re a boomer or at least not a millennial. The digital asset ecosystem is like a parallel universe built by aliens using mind bending technology. That’s exactly how we felt when we first fell into the crypto rabbit hole. There’s a learning curve to crypto investing that is both financial and technical. Get comfortable with it.

Also..this is not financial advice peeps! If you’re making crypto decisions based on an article on the internet, it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. 🙂 DYOR stands for Do Your Own Research – we do recommend this! The coins and tokens that we cover here are ones that we’ve invested in. Let’s go over them so you can find out why we took the plunge.

best NFT token

Theta (THETA)

Theta Network is a decentralized video streaming blockchain network that offers crypto rewards to users in exchange for their unused bandwidth. Theta uses this bandwidth to provide video streaming services to partner companies. The company is attempting to establish itself as the leading media and entertainment blockchain. Here are some runs already on the board:

Partners – Google, Samsung, MGM Grand, Katy Perry, Decentraland. Lionsgate, Cinedigm, World Poker Tour, One (MaiTai fighting league).

Investors – Sony Innovation Fund and CAA to name a few.

Media Advisors – Steve Chen Co-founder of Youtube and Justin Kan co-founder of Twitch.

Theta’s revenue streams include decentralised streaming and video delivery, as well as a new, complementary revenue stream of NFT digital collectibles. Let’s look at each of these.

Decentralised streaming and video delivery

Theta blockchain leverages underused devices in homes across the globe to distribute video more efficiently using the decentralised Theta Network. Products include Theta.tv, which is like a decentralised version of Youtube but with really great streaming quality. The biggest difference is that Theta doesn’t monopolise the value created by its creators (Youtube keeps 45% of ad revenue peeps!).

Users of Theta.tv can watch streamed video content and get rewarded at the same time for sharing their unused bandwidth to relay video. Rewards are in Theta Fuel (TFUEL) tokens. There is no special equipment required to contribute to the video streaming network – you just connect via a standard PC or Smart TV.

Theta’s decentralised streaming model results in lower cost streaming for its partners and more reliable quality of service for Theta.tv content creators and end users.

Creators on Theta.tv can monetise their content through subscription and donations. They also get 25% of all TFUEL earned by their viewers.

You can also earn TFUEL just by staking THETA and supporting their blockchain network.

Both THETA and TFUEL can be swapped into stablecoins like USDT. Stablecoins can then be exchanged into Fiat (dollars), so earning money on Theta.tv equals money IRL (in real life).

You swap coins on ThetaSwap.

Theta Edgecast is a decentralized video streaming DApp product that is 100% built on Theta’s native blockchain. Theta Edgecast can capture video, transcode it in real-time, and cache and relay it to users globally all through Theta’s peer-to-peer edge network. That network comprises over 100,000 edge nodes today.

NFT digital collectibles

Theta expanded into the NFT arena this year with the launch of ThetaDrop NFTs. It intends on incorporating exclusive NFT drops as part of the live user experience for movies and shows. ThetaDrop NFTs incentivize viewers with TFUEL and introduce a fan reward and engagement program to improve the fan experience.

ThetaDrop NFTs launched in 2021 with the first live streamed World Poker Tour, which has a world wide audience of 140 million. Other leading global brands to join include Katy Perry and many top crypto streamers and influencers.

The ThetaDrop Marketplace, which went live in June 2021, provides a secondary market for users to trade their ThetaDrop NFTs and has generated significant volume and value for both creators and collectors. More than 100,000 ThetaDrop NFTs were sold in the six weeks after launch, generating over $2 million for content creators.

Future NFT plans

In the future, Theta will support decentralized NFT storage. NFT users will own and take custody of their content IP, without relying on any centralized platform for media data storage. An upcoming cross-chain bridge between Theta Network, Ethereum and others will enable NFT transfer and transactions across networks, so users can take their NFTs with them wherever they want to.

Theta has also recently been awarded a US patent for ‘virtual ticket’ NFTs. Think of event and concert tickets on the blockchain. Not only would your NFT ticket provide provable ticket ownership and access to the event, it also doubles as a digital collectible and can provide users in future with fan incentives and rewards like Airdrops.

Theta envisions an ecosystem that operates like a ‘fan lifecycle management system’ – monetising all touch-points of a fan’s engagement with their media or entertainment of choice.

The Theta ecosystem includes a web wallet that you can use to store and stake your THETA, earn and store TFUEL and eventually store your NFTs.

Why we hold Theta

1.Theta could take advantage of two very strong growth trends over the next 5 years – online streaming and online entertainment and media.

2. The project has real use cases, Tier one partnerships, strong tokenomics, a clear roadmap and has invested in patented tech. All indicators the project will be around for some time to come.

Chilliz (CHZ)

Chilliz hosts scaleable tokenized fan engagement ecosystems ready for the worlds biggest sporting clubs to better monetise fan engagement through unique and exclusive engagement experiences and superfan rewards.

It achieves this through a tokenised sports and entertainment exchange. Ticker CHZ is the native digital currency for the Chilliz exchange.

‘Fan token’ economy

The Chilliz concept is based around a fan token economy. For sports clubs and associations, fan tokens are a way of connecting clubs with fans and unlocking new revenue streams and fan value.

Fans purchase tokens on the Chilliz exchange. Fan tokens float on the market and the token price of each moves with that market.

CHZ holders get access to various fan tokens and literally have a stake in their club.

Socios platform

In addition to its token exchange, the company behind Chilliz operates the blockchain-based sports platform Socios.

Socios is a platform where ‘super fans’ can congregate and support their favourite team by buying fan tokens. In return, these tokens allow fans to participate in the governance of their favourite sports brands and provide access to superfan rewards and bonuses.

The Socios platform is just the first example and use case of the Chilliz fan token model.

Socios is backed by partnerships with some of the soccer (football) clubs in the world: FC BarcelonaManchester CityJuventus Turin, and Paris Saint-Germain. Chilliz also boasts partnerships with the UFC and gaming organizations.

Gamefication & play to earn

Chilliz has gamefied their ecosystem. Soccer fans for example can ‘hunt for tokens’ (get them for free) by playing games and participating in activities inside the Socios app. You need to hold CHZ in your Socios App to participate and buy fan tokens. You only need one token to start. Users can rack up rewards and unlock exclusive fan offerings like merch, experiences and VIP access.

NFT collectibles

Chilliz recently launched it’s first digital collectible NFT with soccer giant AC Milan. NFT drops have eligibility criteria and are designed to incentivise holders of the AC Milan fan token. AC Milan fans can collect and trade the NFT, with ownership authenticated on the blockchain. But what’s really bangin’ about these NFTs is that they have built -n loyalty rewards functions. Holders can use them to unlock experiences and rewards from the club that fiat money just can’t buy.

AC Milan is just the start. Think sports trading cards on steroids with all sorts of built in bonuses….

Why we hold Chilliz

Great concept and clever launch.

  • Soccer fans are C.R.A.Z.Y passionate. Superfan tokens with exclusive access, club experiences and a chance to participate in club governance sounds like a soccer superfan’s wet dream. The two just work together, if you feel us. What a great proof of concept and demo by Chilliz. We’re not even soccer fans and we want some socios NFTs!

It’s scaleable.

  • We see no reason the concept and business model can’t work across other major sports. Even other industries like music and movies. Imagine superfans of the TV show Yellowstone buying a show token to get early access to episode drops and vote on storyline and character developments!
  • The Chilliz model could be as big as your imagination. Esports brands like OG are already on board with the Chilliz concept. Who’s next?
best NFT token

Enjin (ENJ & EFI)

Get your head around this financial freedom seekers. Enjin is a large cap crypto company with a mission to build..

…a product ecosystem that will help humanity create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology.

The Enjin product ecosystem comprises a developer platform, product market place, and crypto wallet.

But what products are they focussed on exactly?

  • Gaming assets – NFT gaming assets that unlock in-game experiences, new levels of play and play to earn opportunities.
  • Digital art – users can create digital art and monetise it on Enjin, without knowing any code
  • Sports collectibles – Enjin allows developers and companies to create tradable, programmable, validated and scarce digital sports collectibles to bring more value to fans and more revenue, and
  • Music tracks – music as own-able and programmable tokens. Simple as that.

Enjin offers users and developers a native platform to build websites and integrate gaming features. You can also create and and run forum boards, NFT shops and gaming guilds using Enjin’s platform.

The Enjin network is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Its gaming and NFT based ecosystem is powered by dual tokens – Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Efinity Token (EFI). Lets look at each.


ENJ is the ecosystem currency for the Enjin Ethereum blockchain. You need ENJ to create and buy ecosystem products. ENJ will also have utility in the Efinity network. ENJ is used to mint NFTs on the Efinity network, where the ‘ENJ-infused’ NFT will be automatically staked and generate passive income in the form of EFI tokens.

ENJ will be transferable between both Enjin and Efinity networks via a cross chain bridge.

Efinity network (EFI)

Efinity Network refers to Enjin’s new Efinity parachain built on Polkadot (instead of Ethereum). Crypto users and NFT holders will use Efinity Network to cheaply and quickly move cryptocurrencies and NFTs between blockchains.

Efinity is trying to resolve some of the transactions costs and other issues of transacting NFTs on the expensive and clogged Ethereum network.

EFI is the native token of Efinity network. Users of Efinity will pay EFI for transaction fees, marketplace commissions, bridging tolls, and smart contract charges. It’s kind of like Ethereum gas fees. EFI is used to automatically reward ENJ stakers for supporting the Efinity network. EFI is what Enjin calls a ‘paratoken’. This means it is compatible with all parachains built on Polkadot and sister network Kusama.

Holders can swap ENJ and EFI for stablecoins and then swap these stablecoins (via a crypto exchange like Binance) into fiat currency (money IRL).

Why we hold Enjin

Multiple use cases

  • Enjin already integrates with a heap of games with millions of players – like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. But’s its utility is far beyond gaming. With a digital product marketplace and developer platform covering music, art and sports collectibles, the uses cases are mindblowing.

Incumbency, token expansion and user base

  • Enjin has been around since 2009 and has built Enjin Network (the Enjin blockchain) to a community of 19 million gamers globally. That’s a nice customer base to launch a token ecosystem, an NFT marketplace and NFT developer platform. They’re also expanding their token economy and utility with the Efinity network plans, which is great for ENJ holders.

Where to buy NFT tokens THETA, CHZ and ENJ

Australia – buy with AUD (AUD bank transfer first)CoinspotCoinspotCoinspot
The US – buy with USDT (US dollar bank transfer first)KucoinKucoinKucoin
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