Passive income

Passive income

Your wallet called us up for an intervention. Here’s a blog about passive income so you two can be besties again. Do you really want to work for 40 yrs for freedom? I thought not. Read this.

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Financial freedom

Financial freedom

Be unapolagetic about your financial freedom. Be a mogul. Build wealth. Keep it. Learn to live off it. Property, stocks, the internet, crypto – the rules of money have changed and it’s time to play the money game like a badass.

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Sustainable living

Sustainable living

You thought growing food was so last century. Until 2020 came along. Sustainable living and self sufficiency are legit Plan B options. Don’t have a ‘Plan B’? Perhaps try this blog on for size. You’ll be growing food & going off-grid in no time.

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Build your wealth now!

Our epic collection of resources and info to help you build wealth, earn passive income and achieve financial freedom!

A blog about money that won’t bore you to death

The Live Life Project is a blog about building wealth and living the life you want in a post pandemic world.

The game of money has changed since the GFC and the whole damn pandemic situation. With historic levels of government and central bank money printing you might be wondering how it's all going to impact your future. Inflation, deflation, currency debasement - it all flows through to the dollars in YOUR hip pocket!

With so much uncertainty and volatility, it's important to stay informed to stay ahead. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here at the LLP, you'll find info on new & interesting passive income and wealth building opportunities. Some we've used successfully and some more hit and miss.

We want to get the word out - you don't have to be a slave to the nine to five, w running on that unhappy hamster wheel!

the LLP

You see, in March 2021, amidst the monumental shifts and financial uncertainty of the global pandemic we sold our house, quit our jobs and hit the road with our two Vizsla’s Bailey and Boston to live the life we want. Crazy? Yeah we know.

It was a big decision, but easy to make in the end. We decided our time and our freedom was our true wealth - the most precious thing we have. And we were sick of trading it off directly for money doing things we didn't love. Life's too short for that peeps!

If you've been feeling a bit the same, then welcome to the tribe! :)


...if you want to escape the rat race to live your life your way.  

Think of us as your online shortcut to less stress, more meaning and more time to do what you love.  Here, we’ll do the research, experiment in real life and share what works (and what doesn’t) so you don’t have to waste your time.

So take a look around - check out who we are and then, if you're new to personal finance have a read through the wealth building Traditional FI strategies we have used and you can too, to get to financial freedom.

These are strategies you can deploy to build wealth and income, and then flip your boss the bird and do what ever the hell you want.

That's what life is all about!

'Traditional FI' strategies are ways to build wealth using capital. You can find them all over other financial freedom blogs.

But what if you can't get yourself any capital? And do these strategies still rate, in a post pandemic world? Good questions, right?

That's why we also talk A LOT about 'Digital Asset' strategies.

These are ways to build wealth online that not a lot of people know about. They're new opportunities to use software and the internet to build wealth without needing loads of capital.

OR...., if you're the practical type and want some applied examples and step-by-step guides, jump straight into a featured post on our Fat Stacks blog page all about making passive income.

Our Ms Mogul blog page is where you can read about the wealth building opportunities we've actually used on our financial freedom journey

Don't forget to check out our FI resources and Passive income products pages. These are the products, tools and resources we've used to learn about finance and make money. All just a click away, these will save you time and help make you moolah! And that's what the LLP is all about!


Full disclosure financial freedom seekers - some of the links on this site will be affiliates links to products, books, training and just a bunch of really useful sh*t that you're going to want to know about if you're serious about freedom and winning back your life. If you want to share the love and support us, then clicking the links is a great way to go about it. Muchas gracias! Oh, and NONE of the content on this blog is Financial Advice peeps! We're not financial advisors. We just share our investment journey in the hope that you take steps along your own :)

And if you dig the vibe here and we're speaking your language, feel free to get in touch - we’d love to hear from you and maybe feature you in a post or two!

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