Our road-trip weekend earnings – how much in Airbnb passive income?

Airbnb passive income

Last weekend we headed off on a road trip to the Huon Valley in the south of Tasmania. Mamamia, what beautiful country that is! As we tripped around enjoying our weekend, our phones buzzed intermittently on and off. We were getting tonnes of new bookings for our Airbnbs! In this post we share what we earned as we travelled as an example of what is possible with Airbnb passive income strategies.

Most folks we talk to have the impression that when you look at Airbnb versus renting your investment property, Airbnb is sooo much more work. But did you know you can set up the systems and processes so that it doesn’t have to be? Read on and we’ll prove it.

Day 1 – Eugenana to Hobart

We took off from the north of Tassie early Saturday morning with our Vizsla’s Bailey and Boston. The reason for our trip? We were looking for areas around the city of Hobart that we liked because we’re trying to buy our next home somewhere here in Tasmania.

Day 1 Itinerary: Eugenana ⇒ Longford ⇒ Ross ⇒ Kingston ⇒ Cygnet ⇒ Longley

Airbnb Passive income 3
Ross, Central Tasmania

Day 1 road trip highlights were the amazing landscapes of wild Tasmania, the Salty Dog pub at Kingston, Kingston dog beach and everything about Cygnet. We’d buy there in a heart beat.

Day 1 Airbnb passive income

While we tripped around for the day travelling through central Tasmania, these were our Airbnb earnings:

26 AprilAirbnb Earnings (AUD)
Booking 1 –$265.53
Booking 2$329.45
Total earnings$594.98
Total hours workedzero
Earnings are gross, but after Airbnb fees

When these two guests booked they received an automated tailored and personal message of confirmation and thanks. We received a phone notification via our booking management platform. We’ve set these processes up so that zero effort is needed.  All runs smoothly without us. So we had a beer at the Kingston pub and watched the money roll in. We paid 4% ($23.80) of our earnings to use the booking platform and this is key to our Airbnbs making passive income.

Day 2 Huon Valley

Day 2 was spent tripping around in the Huon Valley looking at homes on the market and land releases.

Itinerary: Longley ⇒ Judbury ⇒ Glen Huon ⇒ Geevston ⇒ Huonville ⇒ Eugenana

Day 2 Airbnb passive income

During breakfast our phones buzzed constantly with notification messages. Here are the bookings we received:

25 AprilAirbnb Earnings (AUD)
Booking 1$448.39
Booking 2$405.81
Booking 3$116.07
Booking 4$112.73
Total earnings$1083 .00
Total hours worked
Earnings are gross, but after Airbnb fee

We spent about 30 minutes all up messaging guests who had requested early check-ins and leaving messages for our cleaners in the cleaning app we use. We have set up a cleaning system via an app that now runs smoothly and needs minimal intervention. We pay a flat fee each month of about $50AUD to use this platform.

How to make Airbnb passive income

Software management systems and cleaning apps are just two of the ways we turn our Airbnb income into passive income. But Airbnbing your own investment property is not a beginner passive income stream. It can take some upfront capital to become an Airbnb owner. We one hundred percent recommend you do the legwork BEFORE you put your hard-earned cash in. Read our blog post on Is Airbnb profitable? Know before you list.

If you want to join us and become an Airbnb host here is a link to the Airbnb platform.

And yes, you can also make money in Airbnb without owning property!

It’s more complicated as there’s a third party property owner involved but once you have all the tools and understand the business model, really anyone can do it. Learning the ‘how’ is the first and most important step to being successful. We invested in some specific training in this Airbnb business model before launching in and followed the formula step by step.

Check out some of our results making Airbnb profit with investor partners and none of our own property right here.

Passive income strategies

The final word – how passive income strategies (eventually) work

Passive income comes about from setting up income earning systems. These systems are built on processes designed minimise your effort to keep those systems running. The thing about passive income strategies is that they take effort and persistence in the beginning.  And you’re not necessarily rewarded for that effort at first. But you have to keep putting in, building up and refining.

It’s an exponential earning curve. If you keep on it, then the power of passive income kicks in and you get to take a weekend road trip with your pooches, have a leisurely drink at the pub and make $1677.98 in income for just 30 minutes work.

The fat stacks are out there people. Let’s go get some.

Until our next post have fun, be happy, do good!

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